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Kook Soon Dang Bekseju Rice Wine


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Bekseju Korean Traditional Rice Wine

An Excellent, deep and mellow wine.

Bekseju means it can be enjoyed healthily for a long time until the age of 100.

It is the representative wine of Korea that is brewed with excellent nuruk and seolgaeng rice (rice exclusively used for brewing) and 12 valueable herbs. Bekseju brewed Kook Soon Dang, which embraces the philosophy of putting human beings on the front burner, recently realized the traditional deep taste of the traditional wine. Its strong but smooth deep and harmonious taste have been acknowledged by many of our customers.

Volume/isi : 375ml

Alcohol : 13%

Main Ingredient : Speciality Rice ‘Seolgaeng’, Nuruk, 12 Oriental Herbs,


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Weight 1500 g


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